I worked at a bank for a number of years and my desk used to be right out in the lobby. I saw a lot of people do interesting things at the branches I worked at.

A few older retired people used to come in and sit in the lobby and read. When I would go up to them and ask them how I could help them they would say they did not need help and would continue to sit and read.

Thinking back on this recently I realized that they were living out this verse:

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21

My belief is that the clients of the bank would bring their hearts to where their treasure was. Their treasure was what they had at the bank.

For me this is where my treasure was also. I would come in to the bank branch, nicely dressed and feel what I thought was security (making a good income) but inside I was empty, fearful, lonely, angry and sad. I remember having tears in my eyes because I was in so much pain. I was a big, lonely jerk.

Today I am aware that my treasure should be Jesus, but it is a struggle. I see the allure of notoriety within the Christian world, to be a best-selling author and a well-respected Christian writer and I know it would not satisfy the way Jesus can, but I still want this more than Jesus at times. I am concerned I am sitting in my own proverbial bank lobby so I can be close to my treasure and that treasure is not Jesus.

How can we make Jesus our treasure above everything else?


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  1. Greg, what a great insight. I can’t imagine hanging out in a bank for fun. But I do love hanging out in bookstores and restaurants and coffee shops, and that makes me think!

  2. Greg, this is a fabulous, thought-provoking piece. We all have ‘places’ we struggle with surrendering up to God. Some we don’t even realize until He brings it up. Thanks for your insight!

    • Thank you for the feedback Eileen. This has been a harder process than I realized but I am so happy to have help from people like you the others in our group!

    • We haven’t spent much time together, LOL, nor haven’t seen me driving through the City? Thank you for reading the post.

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