The Bible is unclear on exactly how much we should give. I believe this lack of clarity is because […]
Surrender is the channel through which God’s biggest and best blessings flow. Chip Ingram, “The Real God”
You are the light of the world. Jesus
We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone. Ronald Reagan
Contentment does not come from what we have, but who we know. Greg Laurie
I never would have been able to tithe the first million dollars I ever made if I had not tithed […]
You will never be bored doing what God wants you to do.
Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you. Saint Augustine
When we get old it is what is on the inside that matters. Dr. Greg Waybright
When we realize God owns it all, it changes everything.
More is caught than taught. Ron Blue
If a person gets his attitude toward money straight, it will help straighten out almost every other area of his […]
Grace begins when one person is full and another is empty. -John Piper
Be who God meant you to be & you will set the world on fire. –Catherine of Sienna