GregHurleyGreg is an accomplished communicator, author and speaker. Greg is comfortable in both casual and business settings, and will engage and inform audiences with passion and enthusiasm. He speaks to financial management aligning with faithful stewardship, with topics such as the following:

Calendar, Cash and Calling

How not to get stuck at third base in each. These can be broken down into one talk or 3 different talks.

Are you playing the right game?

Greg used to be deceived into thinking he was playing the right game, the American Dream game. It took a long time, but through prayer, community and God’s grace, he discovered the game God created Him to play. He can help you determine how to play the game God wants you to play.

Greg’s speaking engagements at Core Fellowship were very well received and encouraging. During preparation he took care to tailor his talk to the specific needs of the group’s demographic of mid-career professionals. As speaker, he shared his heart openly and was unencumbered in illustrating through his own past mistakes, for others to better grasp principles of personal financial management. His open sharing left us personally challenged. As a bonus, he concluded with exercises giving practical guidance and concrete steps for growth in one’s practice of faithful stewardship.

Angela C., Volunteer Speaker Coordinator, http://corefellowship.org/resource/

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